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What exactly is Lampe Berger and what does it do?

Lampe Berger is a patented device designed in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a French pharmacist. It incorporates a catalytic diffusion system, which is a fancy term for the special burner attached to the wick. Air circulates through the Lampe, removing odors that come in contact with it and diffusing fragrance. Lampe Berger actually REMOVES odors and freshens your home! It clears lingering odors in your house, vacation cabin, lake or beach house, RV or boat, office, anywhere you need to be.

Lampe Berger is an easy and affordable addition to your quality of life. Fragrance enhances your mood and makes you feel better. Use Lampe Berger to enjoy fragrance you like and easily remove unpleasant odors. Do you love the scent of fresh flowers? The smell of the sea-side or woods? Love the sweet aroma favorite desserts? Maybe you remember a wonderful vacation in a distant locale. With over 70 at Ann's, you're sure to find one you love. (If you are sensitive to fragrance, enjoy the odor-removal benefits of Lampe Berger with "So Neutral" in your Lamp to freshen your environment without adding scent.)

Just 10-20 minutes cleans the air in a room or large area of approximately 1,000 sf. Many people own more than one for convenience and to coordinate with decor in various rooms.

Lampe Berger is Ann's all-time best gift! We've sold it for years in our Houston store and offer a large range of fragrances, including many retired fragrances. Your lamp purchase includes wick, cap, grill, funnel for pouring, and detailed instructions. Fragrance is sold separately.

When you shop at Ann's Houston store, we'll demonstrate it for you, answer your questions, and you can sniff our testers to select your fragrance. You can also order Lampe Berger from Ann's online and get it shipped to you (within continental US, excluding California). By law, Lampe Berger products must ship by ground transportation.

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